Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

All customers booking and paying for CSA Melbourne accommodation are entering into an agreement with the Company.

All reservations made via CSA Melbourne’s Website, third part websites, telephone, email or in person are made subject to these terms and conditions of sale and the person making the reservation will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions on behalf of all persons who will be staying at the CSA Melbourne under the reservation (once the reservation is accepted and confirmed by CSA Melbourne).

Booking Policy

A valid credit card is required at the time of the booking. The person making the booking must be 18 years old or over. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express surcharge is at 1.8 %. The credit card and the ID of the person making the booking must be presented at the time of check in/arrival for scanning to reservation file.

Where the guests are arriving after hours OR using a credit card with a different name to pay for booking, we require a copy of the person's ID and the front and back of the credit card must be emailed to [email protected] AT LEAST 24 hours before check in/arrival, before we will confirm your booking and provide the late arrival procedure and codes for entry.

After Check In: **Please note we do require a 24-hour notice if you wish to check out earlier than the original date otherwise, we are at liberty to charge for the nights’ accommodation. **

Photographic Identification and other information on check-in

When you check-in at CSA Melbourne, you may be asked to provide photographic or other personal identification as well as other information which CSA Melbourne is required to request by law or under mandatory or other government declarations or orders, including in relation to public health.

If you are unable to provide such identification or information, your reservation may be cancelled, and you may be liable to pay us an amount equal to the full reservation amount plus any other costs incurred by us in connection with your reservation. Any pre-payment made in relation to the reservation will be forfeited in these circumstances.

Bookings and Payment Guarantee Policy

Bookings at CSA Melbourne are subject to availability and applicable pricing and terms and conditions at the CSA Melbourne at the time of booking and your stay.

Payment for bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card at the time of making a reservation via CSA Melbourne website as well as on check-in to CSA Melbourne.


A valid credit card MUST be presented on check-in to any CSA Melbourne property.

Payments may be made by credit card or by cash or EFTPOS at the relevant CSA Melbourne property.

CSA Melbourne may send you a Payment Link which enables you to securely enter credit card details for payment. The amount shown in the Payment Link may not include any additional fees or non-room charges that you may incur during your stay in addition to the contracted room rate plus applicable taxes unless otherwise indicated in your reservation confirmation. We may cancel your reservation if invalid credit card information is provided or if your credit card is declined. We reserve the right to cancel or modify reservations where it appears that a customer has engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity or under other circumstances where it appears that the reservations contain or resulted from a mistake or error.

If you are settling your account by credit card at CSA Melbourne, please note that for Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express and China UnionPay, a 1.8% credit card transaction fee will apply. You may choose to change the method of payment on check-out to cash or EFTPOS, as these methods of payment do not attract this fee.

You agree to pay interim accounts when presented even though you may not have departed from our hotel.

You agree that any charges for services provided to you that are not billed at the time of your departure, may be added to your account for settlement as arranged or may be charged to the same credit card used to pay the account at the time of departure or to the credit card used to guarantee payment of your account.

Upon arrival at CSA Melbourne, guests must provide valid Federal, State or Territory or other government issued photographic identification for security purposes. In addition, the guest must also provide a credit card in the same name as the photographic ID to secure the accommodation. A credit card pre-authorisation of up to AUD200 may be required to cover incidental items including (but not limited to): breakages/damages, excessive cleaning charges above the normal level of cleaning due to the room being left in an unacceptable state, etc.

Any pre-authorised amount is set aside by the credit card merchant for a period of up to 10 business days (release times may vary, please check with the issuing financial institution). The pre-authorisation will affect your available funds balance or spending limit. For more information on this practice, we suggest the cardholder contact their credit card issuer. Once a pre-authorisation has been made, we cannot release, remove, or lower the authorised amount, until we process the final account on departure. This is a restriction placed on us by financial institutions and cannot be negotiated.

CSA Melbourne reserve the right to pre-authorise all credit cards upon arrival. Please note this process validates the presented credit card and protects both the cardholder and credit card merchant from increasing fraud incidents. Cash is not an acceptable form of bond when staying with CSA Melbourne and a valid credit card will need to be presented on arrival.

Rates and Charges

You agree that you will pay to us the applicable room rate for each day of your stay and any additional charges up until the time you advise us that you have departed from CSA Melbourne.

Cancellation Policy

For any booking that requires payment on check-in to CSA Melbourne, the booking must be cancelled 48 hours prior the arrival date to avoid cancellation fees.

Cancellations after this time or any no-show for a reservation are subject to a cancellation fee which will be charged to the credit card used to guarantee payment of your account. The cancellation fee is equal to the accommodation fee payable for 1 night of stay. A no-show is when you do not check-in on the night of your booking reservation.


Standard check-in time is 2.00 pm.

You agree that we may apply a charge if your required check-in time requires us to keep the room empty on the previous day.

You must advise us of any change in the number of persons using the room and agree to pay any additional charges for additional persons not included in the number stated at the time of registration.


Check-out time is 10.00 am on the date shown for your departure unless we agree to another time.

Departure after that time may incur additional room charge.

You are, and remain personally liable, to pay the total amount due on departure, unless prior settlement arrangements have been accepted by us. If the settlement arrangements have not been met within 30 days of departure, you agree to pay the total amount due on receipt of our invoice which shall be immediately due and payable.

You must return the key and/or security card for the hotel room at the time of your departure and you agree to pay a charge for replacement of keys or cards you have failed to return.


Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or other adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the under 18-year-old guest.

If any guest under the age of 18 years is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or other adult as so described, the Company reserves the right to immediately cancel the guest’s booking and the full booking amount will be forfeited to the Company. The Company will not have any liability to the guest or any other person with respect to the booking in these circumstances.

Children under the age of 12 years using existing bedding can stay at no additional charge in the room with guardians / parents.

Special Requests

Although the Company will endeavour to satisfy any special requests for any reservations, the Company does not guarantee that any special requests can or will be accommodated.

Facilities and Services

Whilst care is taken to ensure that the description of our facilities and services is accurate, these are continually being changed, upgraded, and on occasion taken out of service. If any feature or facility is essential to you in choosing a particular CSA Melbourne, it is your responsibility to confirm with the CSA Melbourne prior to making your reservation that the feature or facility will be available during your stay.

To the extent permitted by law and subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, CSA Melbourne is not liable for omissions, errors or changes to the facilities and services at a property, whether temporary or permanent (excluding any false, misleading, or deceptive conduct).

Accommodation facilities listed may not apply to all room types.

Third Party Products and Services

CSA Melbourne sometimes includes third party products or services in special packages or hosts third party services at its hotels. CSA Melbourne is not liable under any circumstances for any failure by third party providers to provide products or services, nor for any error, alteration or change of any kind made by those third-party providers following acceptance of a booking by them.

All third-party coupons, vouchers, receipts, and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by those third parties.

CSA Melbourne does not warrant the accuracy of any information, statements or representations made by third parties and is not liable for any act or omission, default, or negligence of any third-party provider.

Releases and Indemnity

Any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the room, grounds or car park remain your responsibility and we are not responsible for their safekeeping.

To the extent permitted by law, you agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless CSA Melbourne and its current and former officers, employees and agents against and from all expenses, costs, liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, judgments and losses arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from your reservation, your stay or your attendance at any event at the relevant CSA Melbourne for any reason except to the extent the expense, cost, liability, claim, action, proceeding, damage, judgment or loss arose out of, was caused by, attributable to or resulted from CSA Melbourne' or its current or former officers', employees' or agents' negligence or wrongful act or omission.

You agree that regardless of your length of stay at any CSA Melbourne there is no tenancy, or any other proprietary rights created under any laws.

We grant you a licence to stay in our hotel and we reserve the right to terminate the licence at any time if you are in breach of these Terms & Conditions or the Hotel Conditions of Sale.

Commercial Use and Photography / Videography Policy

Any activity (including photography and videography) of a commercial or promotional nature is not permitted anywhere within any CSA Melbourne without the prior written approval of hotel management and, in the case of photography / videography, without a signed authorised location acknowledgement. Hotel management has the right to cancel accommodation and require the immediate cessation of any activity taking place in breach of this condition. Unauthorised imagery or video must not be published on any media and must be immediately removed from the public domain upon request from hotel management.

Use of Information

You consent and authorise the Company and the relevant CSA Melbourne to collect, use and disclose your personal information (eg your personal and payment details) for the purposes of administering your booking and providing you with services associated with your booking. We may also use your information to provide you with information about promotional activities, however you will have the right to unsubscribe from our marketing email list at any time as set out in our Privacy Policy.

You agree we may use your email address to send you information related to your stay at a CSA Melbourne. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information about the collection and use of your personal information.


At various times, we may collect personal information about you and/or the persons accompanying you during your stay at CSA Melbourne.

CSA Melbourne handles all personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws. A copy of the CSA Melbourne Privacy Policy is available at Privacy Policy.

By using this Website or by purchasing any products or services from this Website, or by submitting any information to this Website including to make a reservation at a CSA Melbourne, you agree to the collection and use by the Company of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

No Party Policy

The hotels outlined above have a strict no party and/or no gathering policy which is enforced at all times. The no party policy will be provided on check-in and must be signed on arrival at the hotel. Hotels reserve the right to refuse and/or evict any guest who does not abide by the policy.

Booking errors and fraudulent activity

CSA Melbourne is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by a person at the time of their making a booking at a CSA Melbourne or for any resulting error that may occur in the processing of that incorrect information for a booking by CSA Melbourne.

CSA Melbourne may cancel or modify any reservation where it appears that a user has engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity or under other circumstances where it appears that the reservation contains or resulted from a mistake or error.

You agree that the Company is not responsible for any loss or damage if any reservation is not processed or confirmed or is cancelled in any of these circumstances.

Events beyond control

If Force Majeure Event occurs neither party will be in breach of the Hotel Conditions of Sale or have liability to the other party for any loss or damage whatsoever in respect of any CSA Melbourne reservation if it is prevented from complying with any of its obligations with respect to the reservation as a result of or in connection with the Force Majeure Event. If a Force Majeure Event occurs the Company will have the right to immediately terminate your booking at the CSA Melbourne and will refund any deposits paid by you.

Force Majeure Events means a declaration of a state of emergency, an act of God, labour or industrial relations dispute, a lockout, act of terrorism, any law, order, direction, restriction or alert issued by, or any acts of, any government authority mandating, imposing or requiring restrictions on access to, or closure of, CSA Melbourne, or the movement of people, war, sabotage, blockade, riot, civil disturbance, outbreak of infectious disease, epidemic or pandemic disease, (including for the avoidance of doubt COVID-19), hurricane, cyclone, tidal wave, landslide, lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, environmental disaster, fire, explosion, failure of power supply, cyber-attack, embargo, material disruption to domestic and international inbound travel transportation systems, material labour shortages, or damage or destruction of the CSA Melbourne or similar event.

General Terms and Conditions

Inaccuracies and Errors

While the Company endeavours to keep the Website updated and contain accurate and correct information, the Website may contain inaccuracies and errors, including but not limited to pricing or availability applicable to your booking. The Company does not warrant that information contained on the Website is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free, and to the extent permitted by law, shall have no obligation to honour reservations affected by such inaccuracies. The Company reserves the right to make changes, corrections, cancellations and/or improvements to its website and to the products and services described on its website, at any time.


The Company may use cookie and other technology to track your use of its website and to enhance your online experience. You can disable cookies via your browser settings.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither you nor the Company, will incur any liability for any, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the Websites or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of the Websites, any linked websites and any materials posted on them.

Consumer protection rights

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions including the Hotel Conditions of Sale affect any rights or remedies you may have and which by applicable law cannot be excluded, including under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or under Australian State and Territory or foreign consumer protection legislation.

To the extent that the Australian Consumer Law or other relevant law permits the Company to limit its liability, then the liability of the Company is limited to:

In the case of services, supplying the services again or payment of having the cost of the services supplied again; and

In the case of goods, replacing the goods, supplying equivalent goods, or repairing the goods, or payment of the cost of replacing the goods, supplying equivalent goods, or having the goods repaired.

Intellectual Property Rights

You agree that all intellectual property rights (including trademarks, brands, logos, images, graphics, other media, and text) displayed on any Website are owned by the Company or its affiliates, partners, or licensors.

You may only use the Websites and the material and media displayed on the Websites for personal and non-commercial purposes and you must not breach the Company’s, or any third party’s intellectual property rights comprised or contained in the Websites.


If there is any inconsistency between the provisions in the Terms and Conditions and the Hotel Conditions of Sale, then the provisions in the Terms and Conditions shall take precedence to the extent of such inconsistency.


If any part of these Terms and Conditions including the Hotel Conditions of Sale is held to be illegal or unenforceable by a court of law, that part will be severed from the Terms and Conditions with all other parts remaining in full force and effect.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions including the Hotel Conditions of Sale at any time or upon notice if required by law. If we elect to modify these Terms and Conditions, we will post a new version on the Website and update the date set out above. Any changes are effective immediately upon posting to, or removal from, the Website. If you use our Website after the date on which the Terms and Conditions have been changed, you will be deemed to have accepted the updated Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you should immediately cease accessing or using the Websites.